3rd Edition of Grid’5000 Spring School

par le 06/04/2010

3rd Edition of Grid’5000 Spring School – April 6-9, 2010 – Lille, France


Organised by ALADDIN-G5K and the Lille – Nord Europe INRIA research center and partially hosted at Université de Lille 1

After the successful editions in Grenoble (2006) and in Nancy (2009), the Grid’5000 spring school was held in Lille from April 6th to April 9th 2010. The spring school brought together, but not limited to, Grid’5000’s users, technical team and executive committee for 4 days of tutorials and talks focusing on best-practices and results. The participants were invited to gather, learn and share experience around the usage of Grid’5000 as a scientific instrument.

The spring school included presentations and practical sessions covering both basic usage of the platform for new users or potential users of Grid’5000, but also advanced usage of the platform for current users. A challenge to showcase tools and environments demonstrating the deployment of distributed or Grid middleware on Grid’5000 was held this year for the first time.

A satelitte workshop was organized the first day (April 6th) to bring together the users of Grid5000 with the members of the FutureGRID (http://futuregrid.org/) and OneLab (http://www.onelab.eu/) projects. Two BOFs were mainly scheduled and oriented towards the interconnexion and management of large scale experimental grid infrastructures.

The program of the spring school was organized as follows:
– In the morning: keynote lectures and presentations of experimental results and feedback by Grid’5000 users.
– In the afternoon: practical sessions organized by the technical staff or by seasoned users.